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April 3, 2014

2014: It just keeps getting better!

Ahoy shipmates!

This season is shaping up for one of our most fun, busiest and diverse!

CORPORATE AND PRIVATE DAY AND EVENING SAILS started booking as early as this last February, which meant my "Bahamas Brain Mode" was jolted from time to time... One minute I am climbing out of the dingy and tossing some freshly-speared dinner on deck, then later that evening, a glass of Cuban rum in hand, logging on to email a corporate event planner. Thankfully, all those early bookings were from previous clients, so they were cool with my responses being coming back at not quite the "in a New York minute" speed. Island time, you know! Great to have such long term relationships with clients in such a pleasant way. Truly the way I had dreamed and hoped it would be when starting up this wonderful gig way back in 1987. So thanks to all you early birds not just for the biz but for the fun and your understanding my winter Caribbean sailing dude mode.

FRIDAY SUNSET SAILS CONTINUE this season and are our longest running, unbroken tradition! Running May through September, boarding most times at 6:15 and sailing 6:30 to 9:00 (ish). Ish meaning since we are under sailpower returning to dock on the dot of 9:00 is more of a moving target. There is an expression in this watery world that applies: "Any sailor who gives you an exact timetable is either a rookie or a damn fool." As always, Friday sunset sails are open to the general public, which means you can buy one ticket at a time, or several. Not unusual for us to see couples on dates or a few folks from the office - even a wedding of 6 last summer! -- booking on Fridays. And always always always, your picnic snacks and byo wines and beers (no hard liquor please) are welcome aboard. Tickets via

EVERY SUNDAY SAILING TRIPS! We have expanded our formerly private Sunday sails with the Ventura's fav East Village watering hole d.b.a. to include the general public. Way cool. Sailing from 2:30 to 5:30 with a convivial group of shipmates we cruise through NY Harbor and enjoy those really wonderful late afternoon breezes and those delightful craft ales and beers that distinguish d.b.a. The prevailing winds in the summer afternoons sweep in from the southwest, crossing the harbor on a diagonal, and create ideal conditions for Ventura.

Our salty crew -- you will see the same faces -- continue to shed their winter gigs and will help you across the gangplank with smiling faces and a very sincere welcome aboard! See you aboard! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Capt Pat


Each season I am thankful to have so many “old shipmates” who continue to sail with us over the years. I certainly appreciate your business. Even more, I value the on-going process that begins with clients and guests and evolves to friendship. It becomes personal. Is this anyway to run a business? Oh, yeah. In this world of corporate unaccountability, or press 5 for an automated operator, up front and personal is a relief, both to give and get! Personal accountability has risks, but the rewards of a bounty of friends and positive memories is worth it ten times over.

Ventura Sailing News.  I encourage those interested in sailing with us on a spontaneous basis to sign up for the “Ventura Sailing News.” (Only sailing news about Ventura and the periodic winter updates during the winter. No spam, no ads. Promise.) The sailing news gives you advance notice of any new or unusual open to the public trips, such as star gazing, or fireworks cruises during the  summer.  In winter, you will get summer cruise updates but also some off-the-beaten path personal reports from wherever adventure takes me.... the North Pole in 2007,  last winter a chance -- and very funny -- encounter with Sean Connery (yes, James Bond) and many more stories.  Hopefully you'll will enjoy these occasional nautical e-adventures and maybe even be a part of them!

So thanks again to all the “old shipmates” who have sailed with us again and again, and welcome aboard to all who are new to our extended sailing family! I'm looking forward to seeing you aboard!

-Captain Pat, aboard houseboat "Decoy"

Latitude 40 degrees 40 min north Longitude 73 degrees 03 min west.  Any guesses where that may be?

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